An In-depth Analysis Of Prudent Systems For Ball Gowns

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G-strings for one, anything too revealing and clothes that are a tad shabby are shunned. Part of why we love Princess Mary so much however - aside from the fact she is Aussie - is the fact she is so relatable. In another relatable moment, the 45-year-old mother-of-four showed that even she can't avoid one of the most common pitfalls of wearing white pants. No, she hadn't managed to stain them with spaghetti with red sauce lunch. Instead, she took an innocent stroll through the streets of Stockholm in Sweden, and that's all it took for the sun to turn her modest fashion selection into a see-through nightmare. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Images: Getty (left) and Australscope Photos (right) Still, she's not the only royal to have fallen victim to this fabric vs sunlight travesty. In 1980 a young Diana Spencer was working in a preschool in London and she too had the silhouette of her legs exposed by sheer fabric. A young Diana Spencer during her time as a preschool teacher in 1980. In Diana's case she could easily have worn a slip - the solution to sheer dresses and skirts - however with pants like those worn by Crown Princess Mary, the solution isn't so simple.

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